Troubadour - Farewell and Thanks

It is with greatly mixed feelings that Eastern Division announces that publication of the thrice yearly Troubadour will end with the Spring 2011 issue. It has been apparent for several years that in this age of electronic media the concept of Troubadour as a "news"letter is not viable. In recent years an attempt was made to continue the publication with an emphasis on feature articles of special interest to choral directors, including writing of practical, philosophical and research focus. However, finding articles and/or writers willing to contribute to Troubadour has become more and more difficult and presumably there are enough other outlets for those who want to be published.

We express our gratitude to the founders and original editors of Troubadour and most especially to Judith Nicosia, who has faithfully edited and produced the Troubadour for the past 9 years. Thank you, Judith!

Please be sure to check out the archives of past Troubadour issues listed below.

The Journal of ACDA Eastern Division
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2 Bringing Transformative Collaborations to Life by Thomas Lloyd
7 Recruiting Students to the Choral Program by Pat Wiehe
9 Rhetoric in Bach’s Mass in B Minor by Robert Russell
17 It Takes Two to...Collaborate! by Jane Moore Kaye
19 But I Don’t Have Time! A Case for Teaching Music Literacy, Part I by Michael Driscoll
23 Does Your Choir Speak Conducting? by Patrick Walders
3 The Inclusion Choir: Providing Successful Choral Music Experiences for All Children by Joyce Click
15 Out of the Mouths... by Sam Martinborough
19 In Conversation: Student Conductors Reflect on the Undergraduate Conducting Master Class by David Fryling
23 Outside Your Comfort Venue: Collaborations in New Spaces by Andrea Goodman
25 Eroticism Redefined: The Sacred Contrafacta of Monteverdi’s Secular Madrigals by Emery A. DeWitt
3 Introducing the Troubadour Review Board!
4 Conducting Male Choirs: What if You're a Woman Conductor? - Joyce Keil
6 Friends Don't Let Friends Drink White Zinfandel - Charles Chapman
12 Scholarly Editions of Music from the Western Canon: An Interview with Martin Banner - Paul Hondorp
17 The Unknown Chausson:  Hymne Védique - Stephen Caldwell
2 We "Were" the People - Division President Lynn E. Drafall
7 ChorTeach - Terry Barham
7 Division President-Designate - Robert Duff!
9 TThe Glow & the Snow - Division President-Elect Robert Eaton
13 Parlaying a Second Performance into a World-Class Encore - Maureen Dowdell
18 Ten Reasons to Attend AICF - St. Louis - Christina Prucha
21 Welcome New Members
23 Philadelphia 2010: On Experiencing Choral Music - Live! - Margery Heins, Two-Year College Choir R&S Chair
28 New Community Choir Event Yields Great Benefits - Thomas Lloyd, Community Choir R&S Chair
2 2010 Conference Receives Grant from Pennsylvania Council on the Arts!
3 Choral Music: A Lifelong Journey - ED Pres. Lynn Drafall
8 Julius Herford Prize Awarded to Kevin Leong
9 ChorTeach - Terry Barham
10 Conference Sponsorship Opportunities Available
13 New Online Election Procedures
13 Two Special Conference Events in Philadelphia
15 My Encounter with Estill Voice Training - Thomas Lloyd
19 Welcome New Members
23 Intergenerational Choral Work in Worship - Malcolm Halliday
30 Women in Music - Susan Conkling
32 Review of Selected Publishers' Websites - Michael Sanflippo
33 Conference Partners - Chorus America and AGO
--- 2010 Philadelphia Conference Sneak Peeks! ---
34 Philadelphia Bach Institute Conductors Chosen
34 Conference Tribute to the late Horace Boyer
34 Special Events/Eye-Openers at the Conference
35 Face2Face - A Chance to Meet Some Interesting People
35 Wanamaker Organ Recitals at Macy's
36 Honor Choir Programs - Repertoire Preview, Audio and Video Links
39 "Conspirare" Program Repertoire Preview, including the Raymond H. Brock Commission, with Audio and Video Links
43 Helen Kemp: "Don't Miss the Seeds Being Planted" - Deborah A. Mello
44 Helen Kemp to be Honored in Philadelphia
45 Conference Registration Form
46 Jazz in Philadelphia: Yesterday and in February 2010! - Sheryl Monkelien
2 The Search for Inspiration - Division President Lynn Drafall
5 Candidates for Division President-Elect: Stuart Younse and Robert Duff
8 ChorTeach - Terry Barham
10 Moving On and Headed East - An Interview with Jeffery Thyer
13 Welcome to the National Office! - Talking to Craig Gregory
16 In Memoriam: Horace C. Boyer and Joe Crupi
18 Global Warming: Good Rehearsal Techniques - Penny Prince
21 ACDA-Interkultur Partnership - Christina Prucha
41 Welcome New Members
    --- 2010 Philadelphia Conference Section ---
23 Conference News: Special Guests, Research, AGO, and Chorus America
partnerships, Professional Development, Face2Face, the Brock Commission
first performance, and Technology at the Conference
26 Men in the Middle Application
27 Kegerreis Conference Scholarship Information and Application
29 Student Conducting Master Class Information and Application
31 Conference Student Worker Program Information and Application
33 Festival Chorus Graces 2010 Interfaith Worship - Ken Steele
34 They're Going to Philadelphia! - Performing and Participating Choirs
2 Above Earth’s Lamentation - Division President Lynn E. Drafall
4 ChorTeach - New Online Magazine - Terry Barham
6 Middle Management - Lon Beery
9 Men in the Middle - A Special Conference Event! - Marily Berrie
11 Kegerreis Scholarship Winners - 2009
12 ChoralNet 2.0 Release Approved and Deployed - Tom Tropp
13 Repertoire, Programming and More for Two-Year College Choirs - Margery Heins
19 A Cappella Advantage - Susan Wharton Conkling
22 A Commission to Commission - Karen Kennedy
25 Philadelphia Bach Institute with Helmuth Rilling
27 Save the Planet - Karl Paulnack
32 Welcome New Eastern Division Members
34 “United in Praise” Festival Chorus - Conference Update - Ken Steele
36 Vermont Choruses Lift Their Voices For Peace - Donna Costes
A Match of Intellect and Spirit,Part II (Front) - Nathan Zullinger
It Takes a Village (Front) - Mary Ellen Junda
Blessed Be the Ties That Bind, 27 - Deborah A. Mello
Constant Contact, 3    -   Research and Scholarship: A Forum, 3
Welcome New R&S Division Chairs, 4
In Memoriam: Thomas Burt Dunn, 14
Richard Keggerreis Scholarship Application, 29-30
conference NEWS!
Philadelphia: A Great Place to be “Strand”ed, 12
Making History Sing, 12   -   Call for Research Proposals, 15
Call for Interest Session Proposals, 16
2010 Honor Choirs Make Changes! p. 17
Your Choir Can Perform at the 2010 Conference, 19
Application for Choral Performance, 22-24
A Match of Intellect and Spirit:  An Interview with
    Richard M. Coffey - Part I, by Nathan Zullinger
Between You and Me - Lynn E. Drafall
Vocal Jazz: A Look Back - Sheryl Monkelien
Mid-summer’s Days’ Dreams - Kenneth Steele
Report on the IFCM 8th World Symposium - Thomas Lloyd
Music and Movement? - Lisa Larsen
Constant Contact
Division Shout-Out!
Welcome New R&S Chairs
A Taste of the 2010 Conference
Choral Musings - Brent F. Miller
Kudos and Congratulations
Asking the Tough Questions - Lynn Drafall
Helping Corey Match Pitch - Catharine Melhorn
Choir Lite - Lee Barrow
Practice Performing - Scott Tucker
Division Shout-Out!
conference Memories
Reflections on a Career’s Worth of Repertoire - Catharine Melhorn